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CHARAK Ayurveda Imupsora Ointment 50gr CODE No: 001077

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18,00 €


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Against Psoriasis


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Indications: chronic plaque psoriasis, guttate, erythrodermic, arthropathitiki, blistering, seborrheic, psoriatic arthritis

Actions: inhibits the activity of MHC molecules (major histocompatibility complex), blocking interaction with receptors of T lymphocytes (antigen presenting cells). Dtastiriopoiisi suppress pathogenic T-lymphocytes and thus overproduction of proteins that regulate the proliferation of skin cells. It prevents the concentration of cytokines and related symokinon creating inflammation, blocking the synthesis of specific protein TNF-a (tumor nercosis factor alpha). Finally, it is possible to induce an immune response that reverses the environment in which cellulose prevail Th I helper cells, P 'an environment that is balanced with Th2 utilities. Consequently, the Imupsora act as immunomodulators, as well as proving keratolytic, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action. Extending the time remission, accelerates healing, relieves pain and inflammation. In addition to acting anxiolytics providing a feeling of wellness.

Dosage:  Ointment: topical application twice daily to the skin.

Side Effects - Interactions: There are no side effects, toxic adverse effects, interactions with other drugs.

The Imupsora can be used as monotherapy systematically taking tablets and topical application of cream or oil. Also as adjunctive therapy with conventional drugs or in combination with phototherapy.


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