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AM HEALTH Royal Green Spirulina 60caps CODE No: 000347

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Energy - Boosting Immune


  The Royal Green Spirulina contains over 60 nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, chlorophyll, phycocyanin, enzymes, beta-carotene, dietary proteins and amino acids. Provides more energy, supports immunity and interior cleaning. It has been tested and scientifically proven!

Spirulina is naturally rich in:
Chlorophyll: Chlorophyll is responsible for the internal cleaning properties of Royal Green Spirulina. Stimulates the internal cleaning mechanism, in particular by stimulating secretion and decomposition of waste from the intestines, liver, skin and kidneys. These properties often make Spirulina a useful supplement in case of fatigue and drowsiness.

Enzymes: Spirulina also contains enzymes, such as Super-Oxide-Dismutase (SOD). The SOD is an extremely powerful antioxidant and helps protect the body against free radicals.

Iron: Spirulina is naturally rich in iron, the bestdigestible form. Therefore contributes positively to maintaining iron levels in the blood.

The Royal Green Spirulina:

Provides more energy. • Supports immunity and interior cleaning. In cases of fatigue. To xanapoktoume silhouette us. During a period of convalescence after illness. To support strength. For the best performance in sports, study and work. Promotes healthy skin, hair and strong nails.

The Royal Green offers the following guarantees:
• 1000 mg per tablet Spirulina. • No pesticides and herbicides. 
 • 100% vegetarian. 
 • Certified Kosher & Halal. 
 • No preservatives. • No artificial sweeteners or flavor enhancers. 
 • Naturally gluten.


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