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ABOCA NeoBioanacid 45tabs CODE No: 000141

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Acidity & Reflux - Heartburn Fights - Protects the mucosa


  The NeoBioanacid Acidity and Regression is a device that acts upon plant molecular complexes and minerals, which creates more mucous coating action a shield, protecting them from contact with gastric juices and irritants.

   The NeoBioanacid Acidity and Regression contains Poliprotect, a molecular complex of proekyche investigations Aboca and, thanks to the muco-adhesive properties, reproducing the protective effect of normal mucus.

  The Poliprotect acts thanks to the synergy between the polysaccharide fraction data (molecular weight> 20.000 Dalton), which has strong ability to form chemical bonds with the mucosa, and the mineral fraction (Limestone and Nahcolite).


   The NeoBioanacid Acidity Reflux and appropriate to address the problems associated with acidity such as heartburn, pain, gastroesophageal reflux disease and gastritis.

Also indicated for the treatment of symptoms associated with indigestion, such as heartburn, indigestion and flatulence.

   The NeoBioanacid Acidity and Regression can work proactively to situations which are likely to cause irritation of the mucosa (intake of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory / analgesic drugs, periods of psychosomatic stress, change of season or wrong way of eating and living).

Use: to recruit a tablet when needed and allowed to melt slowly in the mouth.

The product is also suitable for use during pregnancy and lactation and for children over the 6 years.


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