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Bloating - Diarrhoea


  The Vegetable carbon is an economical and effective product, but often is not our first choice , though is internationally recognized for many years for its ability to detoxify the body . The demonstration of his power as an antidote to poison was in 1813 in Montpellier by a pharmacist in the name Touéry, who before the French Academy of Medicine received a lethal dose strichninis which was placed in charcoal without facing any problem . The remarkable ability to adsorb organic molecules and toxic gases allows wide use in various fields , from gas masks to medicines for digestion problems .

  The activated charcoal remains in the intestinal tract where it is very well tolerated . There, that will absorb unwanted photo into the body (food additives , residues of pesticides or fertilizers , toxic bacteria from fish or shellfish ) .

Aside from the body detoxifies , plant carbon regulates bowel function . Thus it can be successfully used in cases of diarrhea , gastroenteritis , stomach pain , aerophagia , flatulence , and also in cases of intestinal infections which are accompanied by constipation and intestinal fermentation.The action of the intestinal gases occurs through a dual process : the adsorption of gas, but also of the bacteria which cause such gases. Many functional digestive disorders very often due to a poor diet (excessive consumption of sweets , fried foods or alcohol ) can be controlled by carbon : abdominal pain , cramps , heartburn , bloating . Reducing intestinal gas , the Vegetable carbon helps to regain a flat belly and a beautiful silhouette . It also removes the bad breath is mainly due to intense intestinal fermentation and combats diarrhea creating a real " gut bandage ."

Dosage: 4 capsules daily between meals


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